The belle of the barnyard (about me)

Tina's portrait

Tina Wall

I love books, period movies and film adaptations of my favourite stories.  I also love motorcycle riding and decorating.  I’m blessed with an outlet for one of these hobbies at church, the Aylmer EMMC, where they let me spruce up the church building at holidays.  We don’t have a riding club yet, but we’re working on it.

We don’t call ourselves Hobby Farmers – we were taught not to do that by our first accountant.  To the government, “hobby farm” implies a doctor or lawyer who keeps a horse on one acre in the country for the sole purpose of claiming the tax benefits of a farm.  I’ve lived on a small farm for most of my life.  I’ve never felt entitled to state my part-time vocation without the deprecatory “hobby” prefixed to “farmer”.  But self-deprecation doesn’t pay the bills, and so we call ourselves farmers, just farmers.

We share twenty-seven acres with some laying hens, beef cattle, rabbits, two goats, one dog and too many cats.  We plant a vegetable garden in the spring and keep about twelve acres in corn, wheat or soybeans.

My husband, Albert, works full-time as Plant manager at a metal warehouse in London, Ontario, which is an eighteen minute drive from our little farm.  I’m a part-time English/Low German interpreter in the same town.  Albert needs to farm on the side in order to be happy.  I could possibly be as content in a yard big enough for two cats and a little garden.  But I’m flexible, and happy to kick off my heels when I come home and slip on rubber boots, and there’s no contest as to which sort of footwear is most comfortable!

The chickens, cows and other animals (not excluding Albert) provide no end of amusement and curiosity around here, so I decided to journal it.  Welcome to Barnyarn.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Laurie on March 31, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Love it! Witty and rural! Good work!


  2. I love your blog! Keep it up!


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