Me, travel?

Summertime.  It’s a time for travel and vacation for most Canadians.  Albert and I fall outside of that norm, though.  That is, Albert takes periodic trips with my brother and his hunting buddies while I stay home to tend the farm and feed the dogs a steady diet of raw meat so that they’re primed to attack intruders while my husband’s away.

That was a joke.  I don’t feed them raw meat to make them mean.  A loaded shotgun beside my pillow provides all the protection I need.

That was a joke too.  My black belt in Karate negates any need for firearms. attack dog

If you’ve met me, I don’t even need to disclaim that one.

It’s not that Albert doesn’t want to go anywhere with me.  There are many places he’d like us to visit but I can’t seem to drum up enough enthusiasm to go there.  For many years, we’ve both just figured that I don’t want to travel.

Two weeks ago, a conversation in which Albert tried to convince me to drive to the east coast with him taught me that that is not entirely correct.  Our dialogue went something like this:

Albert:  Don’t you ever want to see something different?

Me:  Different?  You see one Mac’s store, you’ve seen them all.

Albert: Yeah but you’ve never been there before.

Me:        I might go if something interesting happened there.

Albert:  Well, isn’t that where those people landed, the really mean ones with the steel helmets?

Me:        The Vikings?

Albert:  Yeah.

Me:        I dunno.                                           viking

We make for dubious historians, but our conversation revealed something else too:  I do want to go places.  I am curious about things I’ve never seen.  But to draw me, my destination needs to have captured my imagination with its mystery, its stirring history long before I haul the luggage out of the closet.  So now that I think about it, I have travelled.  I often drive to Lucan, Ontario to visit the haunts and historical sites of the town’s infamous family, the Donnellys of Roman Line.  I can’t help that it only takes an hour to get there.

Albert’s travelling needs are less complicated: if he’s never been there, it’ll do.  Whether or not its charms permeate his soul is irrelevant.  Getting there is the point.

Our distinct travelling styles explain why I usually stay home and why looking at other people’s vacation pictures leaves me cold.  Hey, I’d love to tour North Lees Hall, the sixteenth century tower house in Derbyshire, England that inspired Charlotte Brontë’s Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre.  Or scramble over the Yorkshire moors where twin souls Catherine and Heathcliff fled to escape book learning, bossy older brothers and every other component that might have molded them into ordinary, civilized beings.  I can’t help that it costs a month of Albert’s salary to get there.

Wild British Landscape

This new insight gives me hope that Albert and I might become compatible traveling companions yet.  If I’m able to unearth a bit of mystery or romance in our destination to draw me there before we set out, it just may work.  Granted, state championship tractor pulls in Duluth might tax even the brightest of imaginations but I shall pray that I’m never called upon to romanticize such an excursion.

I’m a bit nervous about putting my theory to work.  I’m picturing bad food, driving boredom and a testy temper.  But I’m going to try it anyway.  Unleashing my inner demons on someone who inadvertantly steps on their chains isn’t the empowering catharsis it’s made out to be in movies, and no matter how right I think I am when I decide to bark at someone else, it ain’t them that looks like a bitch.  But I digress.

Happy trails everyone.  Wherever they may lead you, and why.



4 responses to this post.

  1. I love the East coast. I’ve never been over seas but have been told Canada’s East coast is very similar to Britain, Ireland and Scotland. What about PEI to see Anne of Green Gables village? He’d get the East coast and you’d get the literary connection.


  2. Also, I nominated you for a blog award. Don’t worry about the rules, just accept the praise 🙂


    • Thank you Holly! It’s funny that you describe my blog as being about the farm and about Albert. It was meant to be mainly about the farm, but Albert just seems to worm his way into almost everything I write. Guess it means I love the big goof. ♥

      PEI is a good idea. A friend recently told me that PEI was boring but he’s a no-nonsense, Harley Davidson riding dude, so one can’t expect him to appreciate the same things I do.


      • I’ve traveled a lot in Canada and the continental US and I’ve enjoyed it very much. I have been PEI and I enjoyed it even though I didn’t get to see Green Gables. I loved the red roads!


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