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After two long years with nary a “moo” to be heard in the meadow, Albert and I are again proud owners of a little herd of cattle.  Not just any cattle, but purebred Black Angus calves, so pure that they come from bloodlines with such prestigious sounding names as Laurel Lea Frontier 15N, Traveller 6K, Cedarview Profit 1S and Super Edition 914.

 But we know them simply as Maud, Mabel, Hazel, Beulah and to the far right, Kaiser (German for “emperor”), our bull calf.



They’re a tightly knit bunch,

 snuggly cows

who’ve shown me that straw stays fresh indefinitely – they tried to eat my hat.

 eating my hat

I can’t quite suppress the pride I feel in owning such a beautiful bevy of bovines.  You must allow me this tiny vice, for it’s a novel feeling since moving to this address.  Living in a mobile home on twenty-seven acres of un-tiled clay leaves blessed little room for pride in anything else.  Besides, who wouldn’t feel proud to own a breed of cow that’s world-renowned for yummy steaks and burgers? 

 Not that I care to picture Maud or Mabel wedged in a sesame seed bun with special sauce, cheese, lettuce, onions and pickles.  Nor do I need to.  All four heifers will live idyllic lives on the lush meadow under the protection of a strong, handsome bull.  Once a year, each one will lead a wobbling baby Angus out to pasture to frolic with its cousins and to learn to graze by watching its mother.  A virtual cow’s paradise.      

 But Kaiser’s dynasty is in some doubt because he shares a father with the four girls.  This makes him an unsuitable father to our next generation of Anguses.  I must be careful not to get attached to Kaiser. hamburger

 But being unsuited to our herd doesn’t automatically mean that he’s headed for the patty press.  I take comfort in that hope.  Who knows, we might find a farmer who’s looking for a bull to perpetuate the line of Mucho Mooie 0NUR PL8 and if that happens, Kaiser might very well inherit a harem whose charms rival even those of Maud, Mabel, Beulah and Hazel.

 So, if you or someone you know is in the market for a herd sire or if you have an Angus bull calf you’d like to trade for Kaiser (preferably from a different bloodline than the ones I mentioned), drop me a line. 

I might have your man.   kaiser crowned_edited-1


3 responses to this post.

  1. Those are some very handsome looking cattle. Have you considered putting an ad on Kijjiji? “Prince of a stud looking for love”


    • Lol, yeah, “Is your heifer in the mooood?”
      Yeah, we’ll advertise on Kijjiji or maybe bring him to a Black Angus auction where he would most likely be bought for stud purposes, not for slaughter.


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