Bet you didn’t know the real Thelma and Louise drive a Corolla

Last week, my sister Helen and I visited a sick relative in the hospital.  Upon our exit, I drive up to the parking meter to pay.  I strain to reach the coin deposit slot, but as usual, I have stopped too far away.  I tug my seatbelt off and reach out to try again.  I drop two toonies in, but the wooden stick barring our exit doesn’t budge.  Helen suggests I check the coin return.

“Mechanical thieves”, I mutter as I put the car in park, twist around in my seat and open the car door to reach the coin return flap.  A car pulls up behind us so I hasten to retrieve the money.  The two toonies are there, and so is a shiny pile of quarters.

“There’s lots in here!” I cry.  “But oh”, I say, overcome by the sight of so much loot and harried by the car waiting behind us, “I’ll just take what I’ve put in.”  My toonies go back through the slot.

“No!” cries Helen, “Take it all!”

I obediently turn back and rake up the coins.

“We need to go before the stick comes down!” says Helen.

“Take the money!” I cry.  I dump the loot into her hands, throw the car into gear, slam the door and stomp on the gas.  Behind us, the car pulls up to the meter and the stick comes down.

So euphoric are we with our plunder and triumphant getaway that we must needs spend it straightaway on a hot white chocolate apiece from Tim Hortons before we flee the city.  They could have spared the sugar in that hot, frothy white beverage.  Ill-gotten gains seized by a plucky pair of Thelma and Louise doppelgangers in a speeding Corolla possess a sweetness all their own.

The getaway car


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ha ha ha! Well written! One thing you left out – you were totally unconvinced that there was such a thing as white hot chocolate until the waitress handed it to you!


  2. Posted by suzen on February 16, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    ha ha funny i can so see you stumbling for the change and hurring to the car. you so funny girl!


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