Pet Problems

I’m not good at keeping pets that must be confined.  Cows and chickens don’t count because they’re not just pets; I’m talking about owning animals strictly for the pleasure of their company.  Yeah, our cats catch mice and Magnum keeps raccoons and skunks away, but I daresay we’d keep (some of) them even if they stopped doing this.

Two years ago, I bought a couple of donkeys.  They were cute and affectionate and added aesthetic appeal to the barnyard.  The problem was that I actually had to be in their pen to spend time with them. And what can one do in a donkey pen besides pet a donkey?  Absolutely nothing.  Each day, I gave them food and water and a couple of pats each.  That was the extent of my interaction with them.  Added to that was the expense of having a farrier come to the farm to trim their hooves every few weeks.  I soon sold them to some great people who love and understand donkeys.

Amigo (left) and Jack (right)

Amigo (left) and Jack (right)

A relationship with rabbits was equally unsatisfactory.  They were cute and furry, but they existed behind a wire barrier, limiting my interaction with them to feeding, watering and a little rub behind the ears before I closed the cage door and went to do something else.


For a while, I had rabbits running loose.  I put food and water out for them and got a lot of enjoyment from watching them hippity-hop, free and content about the barnyard.  They stayed around, too, until we got a dog.  I take comfort in the belief that they hot-footed it to safer territory, because I never found any bits of fur or other rabbit remains anywhere.

There have been two pets who had to be penned up that I regret selling to this day.  They were a white, woolly ewe and ram.  But that’s a story for another day…


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