Who’s the real turkey here?

Since I seem to be creating a category for every species of animal we’ve ever owned, today let’s celebrate…cue the drumroll…TURKEYYYY!

A few years ago, we raised some turkeys and butchered them at Thanksgiving.  We sold one to Albert’s coworker whom I’ll call Susan.  Albert’s brother Peter snapped this photo of Albert posing with a turkey just before he bore the sweet, hapless bird away to the chopping block.

This picture was delivered to Susan along with the slaughtered turkey.  To top the Wall boys’ twisted sense of humour, she framed the picture and set it on the table as the centerpiece to her Thanksgiving feast.  This way, the guests could compare the version of three days before with the one on their plates.

I’m not sure how I would have fared had I been sitting there.  I think I might have declined turkey in favour of a sudden and unexplainable craving for stuffing and potatoes.  ONLY stuffing and potatoes.


2 responses to this post.

  1. This picture definitely needs to make its way into some sort of slideshow at the church.



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