Where’s the beef?

Sometimes Magnum moves me with his intelligence and obedience.

We keep beef in a freezer in the garage.  Often, we give Magnum a package of frozen liver, soup bone or freezer burnt ground beef as a treat.  Sometimes we unwrap it for him, but if we’re lazy or in a hurry, he gladly accepts the  package in his jaws and unwraps it himself.  It prolongs the pleasure this way.

Yesterday afternoon, I came home from grocery shopping.  Before going inside, I walked into the garage, took three packages of ground beef from the freezer and put them in my grocery basket.  Magnum accompanied me to the porch and I went inside to make supper.  When I unpacked the basket, there were only two packages of ground beef.  I pondered this as I put one in the fridge freezer and one in the microwave to defrost.  Perhaps I’d only imagined taking three.

About an hour later, I glanced out of the window as I set the table.  There on the grass beside the sidewalk lay the third package of ground beef.  It had fallen out of my basket as I walked to the door.

Where was Magnum?  Hadn’t he spotted it, and if he had, wouldn’t it be digesting in his belly at this moment?  I walked outside.  Magnum greeted me on the porch and began to walk in front of me, but when we approached the meat, his step faltered and he swung left to give it a wide berth.  He turned his face away to avoid even the appearance of noticing it, betraying the anxiety he felt at being associated with the troublesome package in any way.

I picked it up.  The paper was a little smudged with mud, but not torn.  Magnum had watched it fall from my basket, but knew that it had happened accidentally, thus making it off limits to him!  I was tempted to give him the package then and there, but I knew that that could send him the wrong message for the next time this occurred.  Together, we walked back to the garage where he received his very own beefsicle for being our wonderful dog.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by suzen on January 12, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    Magnum what a wonderful dog. smart too awe he makes me smile. dave always tells me great german shepards are i guess he may be right for once. 🙂


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