Dog days of…winter?

This is Magnum, our four-year-old Shepherd/Lab cross.  There is nothing this boy loves as much as truck ride, and if it is an hour-long ride one way to the feed mill in Tavistock, his joy is made complete.  Every five minutes or so, he’ll walk from one nose-besmirched window to the other, taking in the sights.  People walking their dogs are of particular interest to him, but he typically misses them because he’s looking out of the wrong side of the cab as they pass.

When we get to the feed mill, Magnum and I take a walk through the park nearby while Albert takes care of our order.  Magnum zigzags through the snow, sniffing the yellow spots and brown clumps that fashion a smelly sort of doggy-facebook all over the park.  For a more accurate descriptor,”face” might best be replaced with another part of the canine anatomy.  But I digress.

Some findings cause him to tuck in his tail and hunker down in homage to some dog that, it would seem, could thrash him soundly if ever they met nose to nose.  Postings left by other dogs merit only an indifferent sniff, as if too inferior to be considered a rival.

Halfway home, tiredness overcomes excitement and he lies down to sleep.  But I don’t think that his brain has switched off.  Judging by the eyeballs that rove to and fro behind his closed lids, he’s sizing up the pretty poodle who posted her profile pic and phone number against the big oak tree in the park.  But until the feedbags stacked against the chicken coop begin to run low, she’ll just have to wait.


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  1. Posted by suzen on January 12, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    social media for dogs!!!


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