hens in a hitch

Why is that when a chicken escapes from the coop that she can’t find her way back in?  She’ll pace the fence, pining for her sister jailbirds, seemingly without a clue about how to get back in.

It’s not that I’ve never suffered from a case of Bird Brain.  I’m sure I regularly amuse other shoppers when they watch me push a loaded cart around a parking lot, looking baffled, waving a remote and straining to hear a faint beep-beep.  But I thought that all birds had a sort of avian atlas built into their little brains; an instinct that leads them back to where they came from.  My chickens are missing this component, for when I carry them back inside, they immediately become calm; their pinched necks relax and you can practically see the anxiety melt from their little combs.  Probably chickens in their natural habitat don’t migrate with the seasons and thus do not have an inner GPS any more than humans do, and if sent into the unknown with no coordinates, would like us, be up the silage tank without a ladder.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I saw a lot of website but I believe this one has something special in it. “A noble person attracts noble people, and knows how to hold on to them.” by Johann von Goethe.


  2. Thank you Frank and Marcelino! I’m glad you like my fledgling blog. Comments like these mean so much when you’re a new and uncertain writer.


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