This is what I’M waiting for!

This is a flat of strawberries picked from our patch last summer.  It’s a sight to brighten the eye of any sun deprived, winter-weary soul.  Strawberry freezer jam on peanut butter, strawberry pie and crepes smothered in warm strawberry sauce take the chill from the frigid winter months, but they can’t compare with standing in the middle of the patch and chomping into a sweet, red, juicy berry while the balmy June sun warms your shoulders and kisses your hair with fabulous blond highlights (if God grants that prayer).  Bet you didn’t expect to read this blog and discover the origin of the term “strawberry blonde”, did you?  I have to admit, I’m just as surprised as you are 😉

PS, I’m eavesdropping on my husband who’s on the phone, trying to peddle meat to a guy on the other end who must be hard of hearing, foreign or both;  “I sell beef…I sell beef…I sell meat…no I’m not a butcher, but I have a little farm…I have cattle…okay, I have cows…”


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